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Shipping Policy
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Cancellation and Return Policy
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Hunters: Enter the Darkness (1st Edition) $85.00 USD 

Expected to Ship: Q1 2017

  • Amazingly gorgeous Champion Miniatures!
  • Playable in 60-90 Minutes
  • Ages 13+

Hunters: Enter the Darkness OB #1 $25.00 USD

Expected to Ship: Q1 2017

  • Adds 3 More Playable Champions
  • Adds 3 Champion Boards
  • Adds 8 Skills per Champion
  • Adds 3 Champion Miniatures

Legends of the Mist $50.00 USD

Expected to Ship: Q1 2017

  • Hidden Objectives & Action Placement
  • Tons of Custom Dice!
  • Combination of Dice Rolling and Euro Style Area Control
  • Fun for all Ages! Tiny Barrier of entry for this game.